Branson Style Country Music

Now in our 15th year of Production!

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"DOGWOOD JAMBOREE" in Palestine, Texas.

We would love to have you attend our shows. They are Branson Style "Classic Country Music" productions and if you like "Country Music" along with good clean "Comedy" family style, you will enjoy the DOGWOOD JAMBOREE. Please plan to attend our next show.

Dan Manuel - Producer - Director

                                              October 19th  (Sat. nite)

                                            "DOGWOOD JAMBOREE”

                                                   PRESS RELEASE

 The Palestine High School auditorium  is the place to be Saturday night Oct. 19th  for some of the finest classic country music in East Texas. The Annual October show is called "Now That's What I Call Country".  “There are a number of talented entertainers all over Texas who will join the Jamboree band for a Classic country music  performance.  The  Saturday venue will begin at 7 P.M.  Advanced tickets can be purchased through Friday Oct. 18th  at 5 P.M. after that time the tickets must be purchased at the door.  . “We are so excited about this show because  the Autumn show is always special.  We know that there are a lot of things taking place in Palestine that night, but we invite everyone to come on out to the Jamboree  and hear memorable hits  by  some of your favorite artists. Sissy Perry from Corsicana will perform that night along with  Joe Hancock from Hallsville, Texas,  Tammy Bostick, and local entertainers W.J. Copeland and  Rodney Ray. The performance will feature a lot of talent and  we look forward to  all of these  performing that evening.   “ Guest performers that evening will be Hannah Dodson from Oklahoma, Mark Bryant from Tyler, Texas and featured group "His Harmony" from Dallas, Texas   will be performing that night .” Said Manuel . The Dogwood Jamboree Band features Billy Lane on drums, W.J. Copeland on Steel guitar, Rick Hobbs on bass guitar, Lindy Eckles on the fiddle, Trey Pope on the keyboard,  Joe Hancock on Rhythm guitar, Bobby Perry lead guitarist, Mike Kellogg on the saxophone, and the Dogwood Singers,  (backup group) will provide music for the  night” Manuel said.     “We are so grateful for the support and encouragement of our sponsors and the many who attend the performances of the Jamboree.”    “We are happy to  bring back  to Palestine the many people  who regularly attend the performances of the Jamboree.”  Advanced tickets can be purchased at   Hometown Pharmacy, Pronto's Pizza, Cavendar's, Mail and More downtown or by calling  903-729-7080 or 903-724-2556 .  The cost for tickets at the door is $15.00 per adult. Advanced tickets are $12.50  and  will only be sold through Friday 5 p.m. Oct. 19th  and after that date tickets must be bought at the door.